When outsider Eliza Westgrave is shipped off to summer camp, she expects to encounter many horrific things—preppy kids, no wi-fi, mosquito bites. Murder isn’t one of them.

Still grieving over her best friend’s suicide six months before, Eliza plans to keep her head down and get the summer over and done with. She’s too preoccupied with her troubled thoughts to ponder her roommate who never shows up or the couple who goes missing after a secret party by the lake.

But when her friend Alex supposedly goes home without saying goodbye, Eliza finally grows suspicious. Alex leaves behind a necklace Eliza knows she would never forget to take with her and decides to investigate.

When Eliza discovers the camp had a previous occurrence of missing girls, she suspects something sinister is going on in the woods that surround it. Determined to find Alex before it’s too late, Eliza goes on the hunt for the one who took her. 

But Eliza doesn’t find the killer. He finds her first…