Growing up in the Cinzio Traveling Players Company, Genevieve Flannery is accustomed to a life most teenagers could never imagine: daily workouts of extravagant acrobatics; an extended family of clowns; wild animals for pets; and her mother, Delia, whose mind has always been tortured by visions—but whose love Geni never questions. In a world of performers who astonish and amaze on a daily basis, Delia’s ghostly hallucinations never seemed all that strange . . . until the evening Geni and her mother are performing an aerial routine they’ve done hundreds of times, and Delia falls to her death.

That night, a dark curtain in Geni’s life opens. Everything has changed.

Still reeling from the tragedy, the Cinzio Traveling Players are also adjusting to the circus’s new owner: a generous, mysterious man whose connection to the circus—Geni suspects—has a dark and dangerous history. And suddenly Geni is stumbling into a new reality of her own, her life interrupted daily by the terrors only Delia used to be able to see. 

As the visions around her grow stronger, Geni isn’t sure who she can trust. Even worse, she’s starting to question whether she can trust her own mind.

A thrilling and mysterious novel that captures the magic of the big top itself, Sleight is a high-flying fantasy adventure sure to dazzle and delight.



The most dangerous magic must be destroyed.

Genevieve Flannery’s family inheritance is both an invaluable gift and an unspeakable curse: she is one the heirs of the AVRAKEDAVRA, a trio of ancient texts capable of preserving everlasting life, or eroding it completely. Burdened with the power of untold magic and tormented by those who would seek to exploit it, the three AVRAKEDAVRA texts must be destroyed.

If only the road ahead were easy. Genevieve is grateful to have her fellow heir, the irresistible Henry, by her side, but when the father she never knew she had becomes their guide, all bets are off. Together, this new team must rely on unexpected allies as they embark on a harrowing global search to acquire the pieces necessary to destroy an ancient magic and complete The Undoing.

But loyalties among the magical community are fragile. Genevieve, grieving the loss of her mother, struggles to control her new AVRAKEDAVRA-bestowed gifts, and with mounting threats to her psyche and body, she clings mightily to the promise of a brighter future once this is over—if they can survive it. And Henry, broken by his father’s treachery but entranced by the heartwarming connection his family’s text has granted him, grapples with the fact that once they succeed in destroying the books, he’ll lose the only family he has left.

Forced to question all they hold dear, the young heirs must remember Genevieve’s mother’s greatest lesson: The key to good is found in truth.